This is the new home of Angry Dwarf, welcome traveller.

After years of hiding away in his cave, molding and forging strange sounds that were scaring away strayed travellers, Angry Dwarf has finally emerged into the daylight and is ready to share some of the music with hum0ns who care and dare to listen.

Angry Dwarf has many stories to tell and share, and he tells those stories trough carefully crafted, molded and forged sonic frequences and vibrations that tune the listeners body and emotions into a specific experience and story that is being told.

"Celebration Of Life" is the first of many to come collections of stories that Angry Dwarf has to share. Push the "MUSIC" runes at the bottom, and see them light up and bring story samples to you.

Angry Dwarf hopes you enjoy his music and stories as much as he enjoys making them!

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